TeleMedicine PIS

There are many versions of Raj PIS software with different features. Raj InfotechBiz Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is pleased to release Out Patient GP through direct down load option from and Google play store. Out Patient GP is a base version of Raj PIS- Patient Information System, an enterprise class, patient centric and android tablet software with cloud technology for the Doctors and other staff members of outpatient department of a clinic, nursing home and hospital.

Following features are made available in the Out Patient GP version.

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Raj PIS – Out Patient GP

Master Features :

  • Hospital profile
  • Designation
  • Department
  • Specialization
  • Shift time
  • Staff registration
  • Features allocation
  • Staff availability
  • Staff specialization
  • Investigation category
  • Investigation
  • Lab test parameter
  • ICD
  • Product category
  • Generic Name
  • Product Name
  • Bill Head category
  • Bill head
  • Lab

Transaction Features :

  • Patient Registration and Id print
  • Fix Appointment
  • Basic Health Parameter
  • Consulting
  • Investigation request
  • Prescription
  • Bill Payment
  • Investigation result entry
  • Patient Review
  • Letter for Patients Referral and Thanks
  • Change Password
  • Data backup and restore

Report Features :

  • Patient Id
  • Patient History
  • Investigation Request
  • Investigation Request
  • Bill Report
  • Prescription Report

Out Patient GP version of Raj PIS is available with five users license for free of cost with cloud server space for a limited period. The users could be Doctors, Receptionist, Nurse, Cashier etc. The software is user friendly, can be used in android tablet with a size of 7+ inch or more with 3G or 4G LTE internet. Form or feature based access for the particular role is done to ensure secure access of patient info. The whole app ensures paperless environment, easy to use and convenient.

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