Accounting and Bookkeeping

We offer a wide array of tax services to both businesses and individuals. From preparing and assisting you with your tax return and correcting possible errors on previously filed returns, to estimating your current tax obligations, and providing standard accounting and bookkeeping services, we also go the extra mile to help you to avoid late payment fees and other penalties.

  • QuickBooks Assistance
  • Bookkeeping of Bank, Credit Cards, Paypal account, Mortgage Loan, Line of Credit
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • General Ledger
  • Expenses Ledger
  • Journal Entry
  • Profit and Loss
  • Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement
  • Tracking Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payables & Invoice Processing
  • Tracking Inventory
  • Processing Payroll (Creating Paychecks, Payroll Tax payments and submitting payroll forms)
  • Preparing Financials reports every Month

Tax Planning

We help you in estimating your current tax liability and also helping you with planning and decision-making process to successfully reduce your taxes.

  • Year End Tax Preparation for Individual and Corporation
  • Sales Tax Process – Calculating sales Tax every month and E-filing through Online

XBRL/EDGAR services

We have a team of experienced XBRL/EDGAR Professionals and have helped and helping many firms of SEC Filing Agents. We offer reliable and unmatchable XBRL/EDGAR services at affordable prices.

  • Annual and Quarterly filings (10-Q, 10-K, 10-QT, 10-KT)
  • Foreign Filers (10-F, 40-F, 6-K’s)
  • EDGAR (XBRL) Form Types (Corporate Finance): 10, 10-K, 10-Q, 20-F, 40-F, 6-K, 8-K, F-1, F-10, F-3, F-4, F-9, S-1, S-11, S-3, S-4, POS AM, 10-KT, 10-QT, POS EX 10/A, 10-K/A, 10-Q/A, 20-F/A, 40-F/A, 6-K/A, 8-K/A, F-1/A, F-10/A, F-3/A, F-4/A, F-9/A, S-1/A, S-11/A, S-3/A, S-4/A, 10-KT/A, 10-QT/A

Our EDGAR conversion includes

  • Reports (10-Q, 10-K, 8-K,).
  • Foreign Filers (10-F, 40-F, 6-K’s).
  • Securities Act Registration Statements(S-1, S-3, S-4, F-9, F-10, S-11 etc...)
  • Section 16 Filings (Form 3,4,5)
  • Schedules (SC 13D, SC 13G)
  • Proxy Statements (PRE 14A, PRE 14C, DEF 14A, DEF 14C, etc…)
  • Prospectus (424B3, 424B4, 424B5).
  • Registration Statement (S-1, S-3, S-4, S-8, F-1, F-4)
  • Any other forms

Some benefits of outsourcing XBRL/EDGAR include

  • We control the work-flow process from START to FINISH. We tag XBRL in 48 hours
  • We have proprietary reports, which vastly simplify and streamline the review process

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